• Elmworks

    Next-generation electromagnetic devices

  • Technology

    Elmworks is developing additive manufacturing that can replace coil winding in the production of critical clean energy technologies like electric motors, wireless chargers, and next generation power converters. This technology can transform the design and manufacturing of electromagnetics from a dark art to a turnkey process and produce devices with increased performance at lower cost.

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    Elmworks is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation's Small Business Innovation Research program. This program focuses on high-risk, high-impact technologies, helping startups and small businesses transform their ideas into marketable products and services.

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    Elmworks is also a member of the Activate entrepreneurial fellowship program, which supports scientists and engineers to invent a more sustainable infrastructure for our global economy, across climate and energy, advanced manufacturing, microelectronics, and beyond.

  • Team

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    Sam Calisch

    Sam earned his Ph.D. in 2019 from MIT at the Center for Bits and Atoms, developing technologies for decarbonization of transportation and manufacturing.

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    Tucker Gilman

    Tucker previously led Volute, Inc. to successfully commercialize compressed gas storage technology for vehicles.

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